Tengyuan Design Institute Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 as a comprehensive design agency in Qingdao, China, dedicated to architectural design, city planning, landscape design, interior design, municipal design, engineering consulting and other professional services. The company is committed to top quality of work with our comprehensive licenses in Class A architectural engineering, Class B planning, Class B landscape architecture and Class B municipal design. Since the very beginning, TYDI has continued to evolve into what is now a top tier national design firm with branches in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Yantai and Jinan. We have brought together more than 800 professionals, including an engineering design master in Shandong province, more than 80 state registered engineers, we also established the International Studio and BIM Studio.

We have a team with rich experience and creative ideas, we won wide recognition throughout the society and among clients with future vision, strong design strength and expert services.

Our business scope is vast with our extensive consulting network of professionals and well-known design firms from the United States, Australia, and the European Union.

Our mission is innovation, advanced technology and design excellence. Our successful projects include Qingdao May Forth Square, Yantai Sunshine 100 city plaza, Qingdao CBD Wanda plaza, Qingdao Huarunwanxiang and so on. We have achieved over 800 projects and have won more than 180 honors and awards in Construction Ministry, Shandong Province and Qingdao. Many of our achievements have reached the prestigious national level. Our projects involve large commercial complexes, office buildings, hotels, educational facilities, cultural and public facilities, high-rise residential buildings, expansive villas, vast landscape architectural designs, elegantly suited interior designs and extensive research in green building technology design.

In 2012 TYDI was named as one of the “One Hundred Famous Contemporary Chinese Architectural Design Institutes “, “ Top Ten Private Architecture Design Enterprises in China".
TYDI will always promote the city development process and bear our social responsibility with qualified design, super management system, outstanding professionals and comprehensive concept, while carrying out the vision of “becoming the best Chinese design institution with delicate architecture”, Tengyuan will definitely work harder and make bigger progress.

We firmly believe that the higher our values are, the farther we will go in the future.

Tengyuan —flying high and aiming far.

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